Used compressors

Used compressors

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Used 25-liter compressors: easy to use

Among the compressors that are on the market today, the 25-liter compressor has increasingly assumed a dominant position over the others. This is because they can be bought at low prices compared to those with higher capacity and can be used to perform the most varied jobs in one's home. Who is looking for these air vehicles at even lower prices can safely entrust to the many offers available online: on the various classifieds sites you can find used compressors in very good or perfect conditions at very competitive prices. One of the features that make it unique is that of being able to carry it with you given its limited weight and small size. These models are used above all in cases where it is necessary to paint any type of surface and to carry out this work in a short time.

50 liter models: space and portability

One of the types of compressors that today are highly appreciated by both private individuals and companies is represented by the compressor with a capacity of 50 liters. These models are very useful and very valid for everyday work at home or in your garden but also for companies that cannot do without compressed air. Online and in physical stores there are various packages of offers of used models of 50 liters: you can count on technical assistance and warranty for one year after purchase, in order to be covered by any malfunctions. When choosing a 50 liter compressor you must also take into account its portability: in fact, for everyday work, it may be advisable to buy the one with a smaller capacity. If you prefer more power combined with practicality and a low price for used vehicles then this is the compressor that's right for you.

Used 100 liter compressors: power and efficiency

Using a 100 liter compressor is essential especially when working at street level. Workers use these tools to operate pneumatic hammers, spray guns and machinery to compress the road surface being created. Obviously, with the market crisis, today it is important to be able to choose and buy used machinery that guarantees the same action as a new compressor but with a reduced price. Individuals and, ultimately, even companies, are increasingly relying on guaranteed second-hand products: by doing so, you can buy very valid and almost new products at reasonable prices. One of the best industrial air models is the Kaeser one, from the well-known German manufacturer, which at the same time offers considerable ease of use and robustness, as well as guaranteed power over time.

Kaeser, reliability and savings

Kaeser compressors have always been considered among the models for industrial use, the best for attention to detail and for their life cycle. Kaeser is a company that is very attentive to the use of electricity and its consumption: in fact most of the costs that must be incurred for a compressor are represented by the consumption of electricity. Kaeser machines have a special heat recovery system that allows for a thermal recovery of over 96% of the energy used. Every compressor that is produced is subjected to strict quality controls and, above all, it is placed at the limit of its functions to see if it can actually be placed on the market. For all these reasons, buying a Kaeser compressor means spending a lot of money. Today there are many used machines from Kaeser that, at lower prices than the sales price or half price, will allow you to have quality and savings at the same time.


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