Used high pressure cleaners

Used high pressure cleaners

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The pressure washers used for the exterior

The most powerful used pressure washers are perfect for outdoor use, saving time and effort especially in removing moss stains in the tiles of terraces and yards. Stains that are practically impossible to remove by hand, but that the pressure washer, thanks to its powerful jet, can make it disappear in a few minutes. The same goes for the dark halos left on the walls by humidity, especially in the shaded areas. The best used pressure washers suitable for outdoor use are those with the highest power (up to 140 bar). For example, the NAVY 140 cold water high-pressure cleaner, with a maximum pressure of 140 bar max and a power of 1900W, is perfect for outdoor use, and comes with a high-pressure gun, a 6 m high-pressure hose , a fixed nozzle with double nozzle, an integrated hose reel and a hydro-brush.

The pressure washers used for the interior

The most suitable water cleaners for internal use are those with hot water, which allow to obtain better results with regards to hygiene and disinfection. They can be used on floors and parquet and to remove damp stains from walls, to clean baseboards and fixtures. Not to mention obviously the hygiene of carpets and rugs, which can be thoroughly cleaned thanks to this machine. Thanks to the hot water jet they are also excellent for cleaning sanitary ware thoroughly. You can find many models of hot water pressure washers, all able to provide excellent results. A model to point out is certainly the pressure washer mod. OMEGA 200.15, compact and extremely handy, with a capacity of 900 l / h and an absorbed power of 4.5 kW.

High-pressure washers used for draining sewers

A use that few people know about this machine is the bleeding of obstructed pipes, which allows a considerable saving avoiding the intervention of plumbers and car purges. In this case it is advisable to use a cold pressure washer to avoid damaging the pipes. Certainly, at a hygienic level, the hot water cleaner provides better results, but you need to be sure that the pipes in our house are made of metal. In any case, even the pressure washers used with cold jet are able to give excellent results. For the pressure washers to be used for this type of use, you can opt for lighter and more manageable machines than those for industrial use, while still being satisfied with the result. An example is the pressure washer mod. MAXI 1 130, light and easy to use but with a capacity and power capable of performing the most demanding washing tasks. The reduced weight (only 57 kg) makes it easy to transport it in any room of the house.

Professional used pressure washers

It is difficult for domestic use to need a machine of exceptional performance, similar to those used in industrial environments and optimized for the removal of fats, oils, limestone and the like. Usually the dirt accumulated in the domestic environment is much less tenacious, so you can opt for less powerful tools. However, based on individual needs, you may also need a pressure washer with wider performance. Also in this case the choice between the high pressure washers is vast. A perfect example is that of the pressure washer mod. SUPER INDY DS 1514, one of the latest additions to the family of hot water pressure washers, which is characterized by the careful selection of the materials used: it is a tool - weighing 150 kg - perfect also for the needs of a professional, thanks to details such as pressure and steam production regulation and total-stop remote control.