Rotary cultivators prices

Rotary cultivators prices

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What are rotary cultivators and what are their main characteristics

The rotary cultivators are real agricultural machines equipped with an engine and capable of working agricultural land superficially, saving man time and effort. The rotary cultivators are mainly used for soil milling. This technique consists of shredding and mixing the surface layers of the soil. To do this, the rotary cultivator crushes the soil in small clods and then mixes and immediately layers it. Milling is a very useful job because it is able to prepare the seedbed. The mixing of the clods is very precise. Furthermore the rotary cultivators allow to reduce the physical effort and also the working times. In addition to milling, fertilizing is also possible with this machine before sowing.

Because it is excellent to proceed with the purchase of a rotary cultivator

The prices of rotary cultivators are quite high and above all higher than the prices of other agricultural machines. But proceeding to purchase a rotary cultivator brings many advantages. If you have a large plot that requires a lot of work, then a rotary cultivator is the ideal choice. For steep or bare bones, it is advisable not to opt for the purchase of a rotary cultivator, but it is better to opt for a motor hoe. In the event that the soil has normal characteristics, then the rotary cultivator is the best choice as it carries out its work flawlessly. There is also a wide range of rotary cultivator models. Depending on your needs you can choose a light model of small dimensions or a heavy one.

The minimum prices of rotary cultivators available on the market

The prices of rotary cultivators vary considerably based on their many characteristics. The rotary cultivators with a petrol engine are certainly the least expensive. The minimum price is seven hundred euros. A rotary cultivator with a petrol engine is an agricultural machine that does its job discreetly, allowing the cultivation of the land in a fairly simple and comfortable way. Although a seven hundred euro model is the cheapest one, horticulturists will be satisfied by the manageability and security it offers. A rotary cultivator with a petrol engine has a price of around eight hundred euros. At this price it has a forward and a backward gear, and about 16 total hoes. If you spend such a figure, you can apply other accessories and then add functions to the rotary cultivator.

Rotary cultivators prices: prices of rotary cultivators that have greater dimensions and power

The prices of rotary cultivators become greater when this machine is diesel powered, has greater displacement, greater power and is equipped with more gears. A rotary cultivator of this kind with a gasoline engine still costs 1,360.00 euros. The price goes up even further, to 1,500.00 euros, when the engine is no longer petrol but diesel. The gears that have models of this type are two forward and two backward. If the gears are three forward and three back, the price starts at 1,600.00 euros. When the weight rises to two hundred kilograms, the dimensions increase, the gears are six ahead and the reverse gears are two differentiated, the prices of a rotary cultivator start at two thousand euros. The best rotary cultivator on the market costs three thousand five hundred euros.


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