Hot water pressure washer

Hot water pressure washer

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Hot water cleaners: models on the market and features

Hot water cleaners are very suitable for incisive cleaning operations, as they allow to remove even difficult dirt, such as grease or engine oil residues. Because they use hot water to clean surfaces, the jet pressure does not have to be particularly powerful to achieve very good results. Moreover, the times of the interventions are very reduced, since the hot water dissolves the dirt much more easily and, above all, the cleaned surfaces dry more quickly. The hot water cleaners are characterized not only by the very high performance, but also by being very compact, not bulky and extremely comfortable and easy to use. There are many hot water cleaners on the market, belonging to different brands and equipped with various technical features.

The Mek 1108 hot water high-pressure cleaner: the features

A very common hot water high pressure washer is the Mek 1108: it is characterized by the use of a vertical boiler with steel coil and two motors (one to feed the pump unit and one auxiliary for ventilation of the burner). The pressure washer is equipped with a fuel tank with a capacity of 14 liters and a 2.5 liter tank for the detergent (distributable in low pressure). Furthermore, the thermostat on the dashboard allows you to adjust the water temperature. It is a hot water pressure washer with an ergonomic design and large wheels to easily move the machine even on uneven sections. In addition, it is equipped with a large monocoque base for the rational accommodation of accessories and components, and a handle with an ergonomic handle; the Mek 1108, finally, turns out to be extremely robust, solid and easy to take care of.

The hot water cleaners of the Upright range

A particular model of hot water pressure washer is the one belonging to the Upright range: HDS Upright vertical hot water cleaners are very reliable and allow high quality performance. At the same time, they are very compact, light and easily transportable (thanks to the ergonomic thrust head and large diameter wheels). The main advantages of Upright hot water cleaners are that they can be positioned horizontally during transport and occupy a very small space, both in the luggage compartment and in the tool shed or in the garage. These particular hot water high-pressure cleaners are operated with an electric motor, so cleaning can be carried out even in small spaces and the emission of the drains is very concentrated. Furthermore, these hot water cleaners can also be used in the absence of electricity.

Hot water high-pressure cleaner: The HDS 1000 Be hot water high-pressure cleaner: the features

A hot water pressure washer of the Upright range with a combustion engine is the HDS 1000 Be, equipped with a powerful 4-stroke petrol engine with electric start, which allows the machine to be immediately switched on. Furthermore, the engine is characterized by an automatic system for reducing rpm: in this way, if work is interrupted, the noise level of the pressure washer is reduced and the duration of its life cycle is increased. It is equipped with a sturdy tubular frame designed to allow lifting the machine with a crane or a forklift. The HDS 1000 Be hot water high-pressure cleaner is made with high quality materials (brass for the cylinder head of the pump, stainless steel for the valves and the pistons) which guarantee the strength and efficiency of the machine. Finally, the machine ensures high performance for safety, as it is equipped with protection devices for the lack of oil, water and fuel, and safety valves.


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