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Caravaggi shredder

The shredder is a tool that has the purpose of shredding branches, leaves, pruning and residues that derive from the cleaning of a garden or a vegetable garden. The models can be electric or with the endothermic engine. Technology has made great strides by creating models with increasingly efficient performances such as the shredder of the Caravaggi company. The traditional parts that make up the basic model are: the engine, the crushing chamber and the hopper. The engine rests on a part made of sheet metal and the output shaft is connected through a trapezoidal belt to a rotating device on which knives are fixed. The connection must be perfect and the knife blades must be efficient to cut the branches, large leaves and others into very small parts. The blades are set in motion by the motor and, rotating, they cut everything that spoils a garden. The compound that forms can be used to fertilize the soil. The Caravaggi company has a wide range of professional shredders and high technological efficiency.

DIY shredder

Many people care about the order and cleanliness of a garden. The aesthetic aspect plays a very important role. Spending time becomes a passion and with a DIY shredder, made with little money, you can do a perfect job. Shaving, pruning, hedging takes time and, once these operations are completed, what remains is a large mass of vegetable rubble to be taken away. The parts you need to build a DIY shredder they are a cutting disk or a gear wheel, a certain number of gears to make a sufficient power gear motor, bearings and some mechanical notions. If you have decided to act alone, you certainly know the subject well. In gardening stores there are mechanical shredders with toothed blades at very low prices. With a minimal expense, you will have made the DIY tool useful for cutting leaves, plants and everything that spoils a garden.

Ceccato shredder

The shredders are essentially born to shred branches and residues like cut flowers, vegetable remains, leaves of various kinds, twigs belonging to those bushes that invade our garden, to hedges or trees that, thinning out, are much more beautiful. The Ceccato company has always been attentive to customer needs, investing in research and technological improvement. The petrol or electric motor models are so powerful that they are able in a short time to mince debris of vegetable origin and to create a compound suitable for decomposition or mulching. The speed of these made in Italy products quickly and easily decomposes the debris and transforms them into a material that is similar to earth. The compound is called fertile humus, it is fresh and fragrant, rich in substances suitable for the growth of new plants and new trees. The Ceccato electric wood shredder is equipped with a Honda engine and is used in the professional agricultural sector.

Bioshredders: Viking shredder

The classic shredder models are petrol models. Today there are products with new technology, faster, more effective with a chipper knife. Among the most important brands, we must remember the shredders made by the Viking company. From an amount of 250 euros up to 1500 euros, you can choose the shredder most suited to personal needs. The pleasure of having such a useful tool simplifies work and improves the aesthetics of gardens and vegetable gardens. Viking distinguishes itself from other manufacturers because it offers more practical and smaller models. Use is intended for both individuals and professionals. The types VIKING GE 103 and GE 105 with multi-purpose toothed disc and folding chipper knife chop branches and grind the soft green material in a short time and create a perfect organic compound without discarding any residue. Offers and promotions on the various models are always many and frequent.


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