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Compost compo

If you need to buy fertilizer but you need help choosing it, it is advisable to go directly to the nursery where you buy the plants or the sprouts, certainly the staff will be able to assist you about every phase of the growth of your plants, including fertilization.
A leading company in the fertilizer sector is Compo, which specializes in taking care of your green plants and is an excellent solution for caring for plants in total respect for the environment. This company produces not only fertilizers but also additives to protect plants from the most widespread diseases.
There are many types of fertilizers, discover their characteristics.

Blaukorn, granular fertilizers

Blaukorn is a line of complex granular fertilizers, have been designed to meet the needs of plant nutrition for a high amount of variety, even among the most delicate plants that need more care. The nutrients contained are phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and other variable components such as iron, zinc, boron. All the nourishing principles are present in a fixed quantity inside each granule, to guarantee a homogeneous fertilization of all the treated areas. This type of fertilizer is characterized by a high solubility and the ability to prevent the most widespread deficiencies in cultivation land.
These granules are identical to each other, have a constant density and the same shape that is studied to minimize the risk of granule rupture and the production of dusty residues, the color is blue both inside and outside the granule. Four different formulations are available in this line, each suitable for accompanying a different phase of plant growth.

NPK Original Gold

The NPK Original Gold fertilizer is of the balanced type and adds to the common fertilizing elements (potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron and zinc) a high concentration of slow-release nitrogen (five percent). This is Isodur high-efficiency nitrogen that is transferred to the ground in a fractionated and diluted manner over time so as to enrich the soil in perfect harmony with the needs of cultivation: in this way the soil is not impoverished and the plant always has to available the substances that need them.
This type of fertilizer has the considerable advantage of being able to satisfy the plant's nutritional needs from the earliest stages of growth, giving all the nourishment needed for growth at the beginning of cultivation without risking too high concentrations of fertilizer or salts that would harm the plant if traditional nitrogen fertilizers were used. A further advantage if used in large crops is to reduce the effort required for fertilization which instead of being performed several times during the various stages of growth can in this way be carried out only once. Furthermore, this type of granular fertilizer is easy to distribute and is particularly suitable for untreated soils and young crops, especially in the case of crops which are mulched to protect the seedlings from the rigors of the cold seasons.

Easy Start fertilizers

The fertilizers of the Easy Start line are of granular formulation and there are different types: the first has a high concentration of phosphorus in addition to the common fertilizing elements while the second contains slow-release nitrogen.
Granular fertilizers with a high concentration of phosphorus are particularly suitable if there is a need for localized fertilization in a small area of ​​sowing or in the case of transplanting or repotting of both herbaceous and shrubby plants.
Fertilizers with slow-release nitrogen, on the other hand, are particularly noticeable due to their low salinity level, which completely excludes the phytotoxic effects that are common in common fertilizers, and with this type of fertilizer the plant receives a greater concentration during the first phase of growth of nutrients that promote healthy and fast development, both in terms of roots and defenses against pest infestations, which are more frequent and dangerous during the sprouting period. In addition, potassium in the early stages of growth and settlement of the seedling stimulates the development of the plant's skeleton, making it more resistant to temperature changes.
The Microfast NP and Te-Max variants have a high phosphorus content and are easily soluble in water, they are particularly suitable for winter or autumn cultivation, but also for crops destined for particularly poor soils. The presence of nitrogen and phosphorus in balanced quantities stimulates the growth of the plant in the delicate initial phases and favors the development of the roots. The nitrogen present is not easily diluted but dissolves over time, guaranteeing an important contribution to the plant even during the above-ground development of the plant.

Compo compo: The DuraTec range of fertilizers

This line of fertilizers is characterized by the composition consisting of controlled release mineral fertilizers and microelements in which the release of nutrients is guaranteed by two different types of technologies.
A quarter of the granules are covered with a coating in elastic material, the PoligenW3, which guarantees the controlled and prolonged release of all nutrients, the remaining granules are not covered but are stabilized thanks to an inhibitor that slows down the release process of the substances nutrients due to both water dilution and volatilization. The granules thus treated and mixed together therefore have the right proportion to release at the right moment the right amount of nitrogen and nutrients so as to favor the harmonious growth of the crop, with an excellent quality and quantity production.


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