Used blower

Used blower

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Purchase of a used blower

Buying a used blower can be a convenient idea when our budget is not enough to buy a new model, especially if our garden is very large. This equipment is fairly simple in its internal mechanics and robust, so even a tool that has already been used for a few years can have a long life ahead of it, which will allow us to use it for a long time. Buying a used product cuts costs sharply, which is particularly important for larger or branded blowers, which can be very expensive. The important thing is to buy a product that is guaranteed and certified by a professional, or in any case check with your hand that all the parts in plastic material or more easily usable are still in perfect condition.

In DIY stores or garden centers you can find many models of used blowers from the garden, as well as in specialized sites. Before buying a product, make sure it is still in good condition. Above all, it is important to check that the engine works correctly, regardless of whether it is a petrol or electric motor. So check that the parts most worn are in good condition; some of these parts, such as the support handles, or the shoulder straps for the models, can be replaced, but this operation is quite expensive: if the model you have chosen has some parts very much worn out, now to be changed, expect one discount, so that they can be replaced without excessively affecting the acquisition price.