Electric brushcutter

Electric brushcutter

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Brushcutters: their characteristics and models

The brushcutters are used to eliminate or to prune the excess branches of the hedges and bushes of your garden, so that they do not take on a shapeless appearance (from jungle, for instance). These are devices designed and designed precisely for this function, which perform precisely, with clear and easy results. In fact, these are not complicated instruments or that require complex maneuvers to perform the pruning operation. Just be careful, because even if the brushcutters are absolutely safe devices, they are still cutting tools. For this, it is good to rely on the help of an expert or a competent person in this regard. The brush cutters on the market are of two types, the electric and the petrol-driven ones (ie they are those with petrol supply).

The advantages that allow the use of the electric brushcutter

As already mentioned, there are two different trimmer models to choose from. The electric brushcutter has some advantages over the petrol one, even if it has the disadvantage of a smaller range and power. However, it is also true that this model is much more silent and more practical to use, moreover, it has the advantage of not emitting pollutants, various residues and discharges. Finally, this type of instrument does not present any start-up problems, as its ignition is immediate (just press the appropriate button), and requires no maintenance. Conversely, a brushcutter equipped with an internal combustion engine needs special attention with regard to a wide range of elements, from the fuel tap to the air filter, passing through the use of oil for the engine and good condition spark plugs.

The multi-function electric brushcutters: the latest news

On the market there are several examples of electric brushcutters, belonging to the most various brands. Some of the most recent models put on the market belong to the category of multifunctional electric brushcutters. In practice, they are brushcutters whose rod can be easily combined with many tools, in order to carry out a large number of maintenance and garden management operations. For example, using a multifunction electric brushcutter you can cut the hedges, shrub the shrubs and meadows, prune tall plants, dig the soil, or compress and move the leaves (as if it were a blower). An excellent multifunction electric blower is the Active E700, a tool with versatile uses and highly professional performance. It is equipped with an electric motor with a power of 0.72 KW and lithium-ion batteries of 400W - 10Ah or 600W - 15Ah or 800W and 20Ah.

Electric brushcutter: The engine power of electric brushcutters

The electric brushcutters are especially suitable for performing small maintenance and care of your garden. Also for this reason the prices are low (starting from 60 euros). Precisely because they are not equipped with great power, they cannot be used to cut large diameter branches or small trunks. In this the experts agree: this type of tool is perfect for the hobby of gardening, but not for professional interventions. For professional uses, in fact, it is necessary to purchase electric brushcutters that are equipped with extremely powerful engines (however, here the prices are higher). Alternatively, if you are a fan of DIY and mechanics, you can opt to personally modify the motor of your electric brushcutter in order to increase and improve its performance.