Kuhn fertilizer spreader

Kuhn fertilizer spreader

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Why choose Kuhn fertilizer spreaders?

The answer is really very simple. When we rely on the purchase of any agricultural tool, the first thing we need to do is associate it with the following words: simplicity, productivity, precision. And even more, these three characteristics must be respected in the vast world of fertilizer spreaders, and more precisely I could say Kuhn fertilizer spreaders. The range of Kuhn fertilizer spreaders ranges from all the possible types of spreading: full-field, late, border-spreading and even for specialized crops such as viticulture and arboriculture. There are several models of Kuhn fertilizer spreaders that differ not only in power, capacity, weight, etc. also for the working width, in fact there are models that cover areas from 10 to 24 meters, others from 12 to 50 meters. Now you just need to do two calculations related to your needs.

Kuhn MDS spreader range

The MDS range is in turn divided into other models. There are the "MDS 55-65-85" which are very suitable for orchards and vineyards. In fact they have been created precisely to meet the needs of this type of cultivation and have been specifically designed for use in confined spaces such as rows of vineyards and orchards. Then there are the "MDS 735-935", suitable for spreading from 10 to 24 meters and working in both open field and border situations. A truly innovative and technological feature is the presence of an electronic computer that allows you to program the dosage. If, on the other hand, the area we are interested in is that of farms or "plantations" of cereals, what is right for you is the "MDS 735 M" model. The "MDS 935 R2" model adds a hydraulic control over what was previously said. Finally, the "MDS 935 Q" model remains, which compared to the above has a standard automatic dosing regulator which is really very functional.

Axis fertilization models range

Thanks to the arrival of the Axis range of models, it has become even more perfect to perfect the HIGH precision fertilization technique. Accuracy, zero error rate, achievement of an industry-proof amateur management. All to arrive at a prevention of unnecessary waste that would entail costs in addition to a penalization of quality and performance. The adjustments with this range are ultra simple, simple command readings even from a distance, elementary adjustments, zeroed fertilizer touches, simple disassembly, longer palette duration. If we go into the details of this range we find three models: Axis 30.1 Q, 40.1 W, 50.1 W. These three models are written incrementally, starting from the smallest model up to a real giant with a great deal of time and working width.

Kuhn fertilizer spreader: Kuhn fertilizer spreaders

Last but not least in importance, we come to talk about the Kuhn fertilizer spreaders that obviously can be missing. Even these tools are synonymous with safety and reliability as well as being designed for all the Kuhn models we have just mentioned in the previous paragraphs, therefore all the MDS models and the Axis range. The main features that immediately catch the eye are an innovative and functional system for fixing the trolley to the fertilizer spreader as well as an extremely easy modification of the equipment to adapt to the processing of the moment. So now what is left for you to do? Immediately run to a Kuhn sales point to admire the fantastic Kuhn vehicles, and you will not be able to get out of it because you will immediately understand that they are fundamental for your perfect fertilization.