Professional high pressure cleaners

Professional high pressure cleaners

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Professional high pressure cleaners

The pressure washer combines the cleaning action of water with that generated by pressure. Pressure washers are used both for cleaning workplaces and households, in fact some models of this machine are also suitable for small sizes. However, high-pressure washers are indispensable for cleaning floors impregnated with industrial grease, large-sized floors with or without irregular surfaces, reliefs or knurling that make it impossible to rub with rags and cloths. Professional high-pressure cleaners differ from high-pressure cleaners for hobby use due to the quality of the technologies used and the superior materials used in the former. Finally, professional high-pressure cleaners are equipped with devices that are useful for safety and to diversify the performance of the appliance and have an assistance service that guarantees the repair and availability of spare parts.

Professional pressure washer

How is a professional pressure washer made? The appliance is equipped with an induction asynchronous motor with thermal protection, which makes it more reliable and durable over time than the brush motor, generally present in non-professional pressure washers. The pump unit, necessary for the development of the pressure, is built using a linear system that allows disassembly and repair in the event of a fault, unlike non-professional machines. The heads of the pump unit - equipped with a by-pass system to protect the machine against pressure shocks - are made of brass, with stainless steel valves and ceramic or ceramic stainless steel pistons to guarantee pressure performance over time and thus the good operation of the appliance. Completing the appearance of the professional pressure washer - whose frame is in chromed steel - a coil, the boiler (in the case of hot water cleaners) and the tank. An example? Principessa di Idrobase has a compact shape, pressure at 170 bar and a range of up to two hours, with axial pump with brass head, pressure gauge with glycerine and thermal protection valve.

Professional high pressure cleaners: accessories and performance

Among the supplied accessories we find tube, gun, sandblasting nozzles and nozzle - to direct the jet of water under pressure on a precise point or to remove surfaces - or to perform more demanding operations such as the sewage of sewers and frozen pipes. The powerful pressure generated by the machine (which in some cases exceeds 1000 bar) in fact, allows it to be used for the most disparate uses and in many sectors of industry and crafts. The professional hot water high pressure washers are particularly suitable for degreasing surfaces with water-soluble greasy dirt, difficult to remove with cold water, which - dividing the lipid film into many hydrogenated micro-particles - thins its thickness making it even more difficult to removal. Some machines are able to work with both hot and cold water and combine the detergent action of natural washing agents for effective and environmentally friendly cleaning. Other types of professional pressure washers are portable, smaller than the standard ones and have a maximum pressure of about 200 bar.

Advice for buying professional pressure washers

The Gigante professional hot water pressure washer by Idrobase has a pressure of 275 bar and is ideal for long and heavy work sessions - it has a high-efficiency electric motor 1450g / min 50Hz with magnet thermal On / Off switch and 5-lead electric cable m - 20 l fuel tank, diesel bleed valve and a pump-engine transmission via elastic coupling with protective fringe. Suitable for both hobby and professional use, the Kranzle cold water high-pressure cleaner K7 / 120 is produced in Germany and has a maximum pressure of 135 bar, with a pump head made of forged brass which makes it more resistant to time and energy. 'usury. The glycerine damped pressure gauges are large and clearly visible, while a layer of water between the piston seal systems prevents the sucked air from coming into contact with the pump seal. The autonomous professional hot water high-pressure cleaner Lavor Pro Thermic 17 with Lombardini 17 Hp diesel engine is suitable for cleaning machinery, construction sites, farms and all heavy-duty cleaners and is equipped with an auxiliary power generator.


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