Alpine chainsaw

Alpine chainsaw

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Introduction to the new Alpina A 305 chainsaw

The new Alpina A 305 petrol chainsaw meets the most stringent demands of gardening, offering an innovative product that is both powerful and environmentally friendly, economical and powerful. To complete the picture the extreme manageability of this new chainsaw: its features constitute a compromise between ease of use and power, and it is for this reason that the new Alpina A 305 chainsaw can easily be used both by the amateur user and by professional purposes. To signal the presence of a special technology for cleaning the engine and reducing emissions, as well as a rather effective silencer, which will allow to increase the quality of gardening work and to reduce unpleasant noises as best as possible: it is a cutting-edge technological product .

Product technical specifications

The new Alpina A 305 chainsaw has a displacement of 25 cc and a 25 cm bar. The handle is central and is covered in rubber, while the weight is rather light: Alpina A 305 weighs only 3kg, and this makes it particularly suitable for pruning work. The power of this new tool is 1.2 and although Alpina A 305 is a particularly powerful product, respect for the environment is guaranteed thanks to compliance with the "Euro 2" standards for environmental protection, thanks to the very low emissions produced. also thanks to a particularly moderate consumption. The new Alpina A 305 is quite simple to use, both for the amateur gardener and for the professional who needs a simple and reliable work tool. The chainsaw is also equipped with a powerful silencer and an anti-vibration system, which guarantee good working comfort.

What is in the package

By purchasing an Alpina A 305 chainsaw, you receive a kit containing chain oil, synthetic oil, chain sharpening tools and a BM6A spark plug, plus a second spare chain and also a second spare bar, originally branded Oregon. All these additional accessories are included in the price and present in the original packaging of the product. It is therefore advisable to buy Alpina A 305 from a reliable supplier, making sure it is a new and unused product, sold in the original packaging. If you decide to buy it used, you will instead need to check with the seller the presence of the desired accessories or a possible discount on the price (the new Alpine A 305 is worth around 50150), to avoid paying the full price without receiving all the components of the product.

Alpine chainsaw: Conclusions

This product is really convenient for all uses, both amateur and professional, and its incredible lightness makes it ideal especially for pruning work. The right balance between quality and price, power and consumption, functionality and ease of use makes this chainsaw a unique and strongly recommended solution. The brand is a guarantee, being a favorite in the gardening sector. The new Alpina A 305 can be found both in the best specialist shops and also in the numerous online shops in the sector. The average price is around 50150: a real bargain considering the potential and the qualities of this innovative chainsaw, and also considering the presence of a generous set of maintenance tools and spare parts for the product.