Best season to take root

Best season to take root

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Question: best season to take root

I have to redo part of the garden and I am uncertain whether to plant the new plants now in spring or in autumn. the plants are a badger, small pines, coniferous trees and maples. except for the maples that will be exposed to the north-west, the rest will be south facing, therefore exposed to sun shining in summer with no shade and temperatures up to 38 °. For not too stressful the plants because of the heat is it preferable the autumn season?

Answer: best season to take root

Dear Diego,
generally we believe that spring is the best time of the year to plant the plants in the garden; this happens first of all because, after the winter, with the first sunny days, one feels the desire to be outdoors, and one tends to want some change in the garden, planting new plants. Because of this legitimate desire, in general, plants specialized in plants, but not only, therefore also supermarkets and DIY stores, tend to make available to customers a large quantity of plants at the end of winter: clearly, this is the moment to make impulse purchases, without thinking about the planning and organization of the garden. But in fact, spring is not the best time to plant the plants. And the reason is simple: most of the plants we have in the garden, spend the cold months in partial or total vegetative rest; as soon as the weather warms up, and the days get longer, the plants begin to use most of their energy to produce buds, flowers, leaves. Moving a plant just when it is fully committed to working to prepare new spring fabrics is certainly a source of tremendous stress. Since repottings and transplants are also a strong source of stress, it is clear that it would be advisable to avoid adding stress to the other. Certainly many plants can be moved at the end of winter, before they have started to develop again, so that they are already in the destination place when spring arrives, without causing any damage. But if we want to plant the plants in the moment that is ideal for them, we will certainly have to choose the autumn, and therefore the months of September and October; at this time of year the plants are still in complete vegetation, especially if the climate is mild; therefore, as soon as we put them down, they will immediately tend to widen their root system, so as to be completely adapted to the new place of development on arrival of cold, which usually occurs in November or December. In the spring these plants will have already developed a good root system, which will allow them to concentrate totally on the new shoots, having already absorbed the stress of the transplant. As you well say, plants that do not like the heat very much, would be even more to be planted in autumn. If you have already purchased the plants you list, and you have them in pots, perhaps it would still be advisable to transplant them now, because I do not think it is good for them to keep them all summer. The climate is already warm and spring, so if you decide to transplant them now, you should try not to touch the earthen bread in the pot, so that they suffer the least possible stress.


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