Stone floor

Stone floor

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Stone floor

The stone floor is the type of coating with which it is possible to recreate fascinating areas in the garden, where you can enjoy moments of relaxation comfortably seated in the shade of a canopy. This type of flooring is able to produce the idea of ​​practical resistance above which it is possible to set up outdoor furniture to be exploited in the mild climate seasons. But not only. It is also functional to create small streets or paths that can easily connect one place to another, as can be the entrance gate to the front door of the house or a French window to the pool etc ... The dark colored stones enhance a modernity expressed in sophisticated elegance while a type of brick-colored stone expresses the desire to recreate a more traditional environment.

The different types of stone flooring

Depending on the result to be obtained, it is possible to purchase different types of stone in order to create a garden with a classic or modern style, in relation to personal taste. The models on the market present a wide range that goes from quartzite to tuff blocks up to the bricks, giving the possibility to combine the stones in different ways creating designs or mosaics. Beyond the type of stone, what differentiates the flooring is the surface that can be smoothed, sanded, opaque or with other visual effects that allow us to offer variety. Even the shape of the stone may present options because regular or irregular cuts are available, producing flooring with a more or less traditional appearance and enhancing originality and personalization.

How to lay a stone floor

In order to perform a correct laying of the stone floor in your garden, it is necessary to know some elements. First of all, you will have to understand what type of ground it is going to be from the base to the covering. If it is not solid enough, but too swampy, it will be necessary to harden it with sand and cement to create a firm and resistant base. Once the substrate has solidified, you can proceed with the installation of the covering. Clean the surface well and level it so that it has a slight slope to prevent water from stagnating in case of rain. Distribute the cement mortar and apply the stone slabs on top. It is important that no spaces are formed between the tiles. At the end of the work you will have to let it rest before walking on it.

How to clean the stone floor

The stone floor is one of the fundamental aspects that make the garden a space of impeccable aesthetics and indispensable functionality. It allows you to enjoy the space outside your home comfortably and surrounded by a relaxing atmosphere. To optimize its use it is not possible to do without cleaning. In a few simple steps, if well maintained, the stone floor will always look like new. It is important to sweep the floor every day to prevent the accumulation of dust or leaves of trees, especially during the autumn. Once dusted, the stone must be cleaned with water and a broom with hard bristles. If a stain is visible on the floor, detergent can be used, then wipe with the broom and rinse with water.


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