Perennial flowers for flowerbed

Perennial flowers for flowerbed

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Application: perennial flowers for flower beds

Could you advise me of low perennial flowers that love little perennials and that bloom all summer long? Thanks

Answer: perennial flowers for flower beds

Dear Elizabeth,
in the flowerbeds of the garden we would all like the ideal flower, which does not need care, who loves the exposure to which we decide to put it, which blooms from April until the frost, which bears drought and spring rains; unfortunately this flower does not exist, although there are some plants that come a little closer to this description; in general, in most of the flowerbeds of the gardens, more than a single plant, we find a mix of annual plants, perennials and shrubs; only in this way is a garden of a thousand shades and long lasting. In general, most perennials prefer well-sunny positions, which also favor abundant flowering, and in addition to this, most of the perennials grown in Italy tend to bloom in cool and wet periods, ie in spring and end summer. However, there are plants that are well suited to growing in poorly lit flower beds, although they are typically plants with beautiful foliage, rather than with beautiful flowers; an example is the hosta: beautiful heads of leaves, which sprout in spring and remain beautiful end to the autumn cold; in addition to the leaves, which are often variegated or of a particular color (gray, green, yellowish or almost blue), the hosta produce an erect panicle in the spring, which carries purple or blue flowers. Another typical shade plant is the heuchera, a small perennial covering, which produces large leaves similar in shape to those of geraniums, but which are available in a great variety of colors, from yellow to red, from brown to orange; the holes are summer, almost insignificant, but the leaves give a beautiful effect for several months. Even pansies, quite typical in Italian gardens, love shade enough to prefer to develop in the cooler months, and often in the summer they enter in vegetative rest. Le penstemon is very beautiful, but little used in Italy, with very long flowering. There are also perennial fuchsias, which present a beautiful flowering, very particular and very prolonged, which goes from spring to autumn. Geraniums can also be planted in the garden, and bloom all summer, perhaps accompanied by geranium, with a beautiful spring bloom. If you prefer some shrubs, you can plant hydrangeas, which bloom from spring to frost and bear the partial shade. Or think of herbaceous or arboreal peonies, which have a splendid, very elegant flowering.


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