Flowers after winter

Flowers after winter

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Question: flowers after winter

hi, before winter I covered with my non-woven fabric my snapdragons and daisies, now they look dry. What should I do? Are they to be thrown away or can I save them, and how? Thanks

Answer: flowers after winter

Dear Lara,
snapdragons, anthirrinus majus, are herbaceous plants, there are perennial species and varieties and annual species and varieties; in both cases, at the arrival of the autumn cold the plant disperses its seeds and the aerial part dries up; only in spring the perennial species begin to vegetate again, as soon as the nocturnal temperatures rise considerably; therefore your perennial lion's mouths should start to sprout again in April or May. If they were annuals, in April or May the seeds they dispersed will begin to produce new plants, so the question does not change. It is therefore necessary to clean the vase from the dried leaves of last year and from the thin fustiini, cutting low to the ground, and to wait for the seedlings to germinate, starting again in practice from scratch; leave the pot exposed to rain water, which will be enough to stimulate the growth of new snaps. As for the daisies instead, the term is a bit vague, as there are several flowering plants that are called daisies, some are perennials that we also find in Italian meadows, others are perennials or annuals originating from South Africa, others still arrive also from New Zealand, and there are hundreds of hybrid varieties of all types. Therefore from the term daisies it is difficult to deduce if it is a perennial or an annual; but it is also difficult to know whether it is plants that can survive the Italian winter or not, given the possibility of coming from the most disparate places in the world. Also in this case, cut the old plant to about a couple of centimeters from the ground, expose the pot to the rains, so that it remains fresh and moist, and hopes that the plant will re-grow. How long will you have to wait? I would say that most perennials in the garden in April should start to sprout again, even if 2013 seems like a year with a slightly strange climate and spring finds it hard to see; when nighttime minimum temperatures are above 10-12 ° C perennials should begin to sprout. In any case, bear a little patience; we have all noticed that for at least a couple of weeks in the nurseries and in the supermarkets there are already flowers for the summer terrace, but it is only a run to grab the customers; after all, for some years the supermarket aisles are always ready before and in June there are already the school articles for September, and at the end of October you can choose your Christmas tree. The same thing happens with the plants, in March you can buy the plants for May, but it is not said that these plants do well to be outdoors in the cold.


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