April 2013

April 2013

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April 7 Presentation of the reprint of "Hortus Eystettensis"

At the Lombardi museum in Parma, Saturday 7 April the reprint of the botanical volume Hortus Eystettensis will be presented in a meeting with Lucia Tomasi Tongiorgi, delegate of Culture, University of Pisa and honorary president of the Graphic Museum of Pisa, and with Duilio Contin, director of the Bibliotheca Antiqua of Aboca Museum. This event is free admission to the Museum Festival Hall.
For information and to book call the Glauco Lombardi Museum

12-14 April FLORAVIVA Exhibition Market

On Saturday and Sunday 13-14 April 2013 the Istituto Agrario Pescia will organize the market exhibition of flowers, plants and other products of the earth with over 90 exhibitors. Visitors will be able to admire the productions of numerous Pistoia floristic companies but also many food and wine products related to the world of agriculture. For information:
School secretary 0572/49401

13-14 April Camaiore (Lu)

All lovers of the garden between Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 April will be able to appreciate the Festival of vegetable gardens, seeds and herbs of Camaiore "It is the way of the vegetable garden". Lots of stands and over fifteen gardens will welcome visitors who can walk in the main squares of the country decorated with a theme and enriched by the presence of many tool stands, fruit, vegetables, gastronomic and artisan products.
For more details
Info: tel 0584.986204, www.comune.camaiore.lu.it

12-13-14 April Spring Botany

In the splendid setting of Villa Caruso Bellosguardo, Municipality of Lastra a Signa, will be held April 12 to 14 Spring Botany, an event with events of various kinds united by the theme of nature. In addition to the display of rare flowers and plants, a review of the saffron will also be held with some special insights into the cultivation of this special plant but not only; pruning courses, seminars on the cultivation of orchids tree climbing performances and many other meetings will fill the rich program of these 3 days.

20-21 April Darfo Boario Terme in Fiore

This month the municipality of Darfo Boario, in collaboration with the Parco delle Terme di Boario, will organize the fourth edition of Darfo Boario Terme in Fiore, a flower show with various competitions and many interesting initiatives with music and shows to frame the numerous exhibitions.
For detailed information and programs, visit the website: www.darfoboariotermeinfiore.com

20-21 April Ninfeamus in Linate (MI)

Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 April returns to Villa Litta in Lainate (Mi) the market exhibition dedicated to nature called Herbaceous & weeds, a botanical event in the historical park of Villa Litta. In these two days, plant lovers can move between stands, laboratories and conferences dedicated exclusively to nature.
For any information visit the website //www.ninfeamus.it/

18-21 April Anticoli Corrado Permaculture Garden (RM)

From 18 to 21 April gardening enthusiasts in the province of Rome will be able to participate in this interesting initiative dedicated to the Permaculture Garden, with the participation of Luciano Furcas. Thanks to this course it will be possible to discover interesting details on the design, study and construction of permaculture gardens.
For more info and details visit the site:

April 2013: 27-28 April FLORICOLA in Borghetto S.Spirito (Sv)

Floricola is an event not to be missed if you love plants and flowers and are close to the province of Savona. In Borghetto S. Spirito, in fact, on April 27th and 28th, plant lovers will be able to attend numerous events from 10am to 7pm, including conventions, courses, debates and numerous entertainment opportunities.
For the most detailed program, we recommend that you visit the site:


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