Tea tree essential oil

Tea tree essential oil

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Uses of tea tree

Tea tree essential oil has healing and disinfectant capabilities and can be used both in natural cosmetics and in house cleaning. The product, preferably pure, with no added fragrance, can be easily purchased in herbal medicine. It, thanks to its multiple properties, can be used as antiviral, antibacterial, antiparasitic. It also has an antibiotic function. The essence of tea tree is recommended both for internal use, for adults, and for external use. Furthermore it is also used in aromatherapy as it also acts on a psychic level: it helps to combat the hostile moments of everyday life by making fortifications. If we use it in the speakers it disinfects the air. If instead we pour 15 drops in water during a hot bath, we can find relief in cases of flu (bronchitis, sinusitis, colds). In the case of infections or skin disorders the drops to be poured are 25. Again, in the case of respiratory diseases, we can make fumigations, by boiling water and pouring about ten drops twice a day. Or we can gargle with 2/3 drops of oil, which allow for immediate relief.

Tea tree for external and cosmetic use

Tea tree oil can also be used for massage, diluting it with a carrier oil. It helps in cases of oily and acneic skin. It can be applied in children, in cases of skin irritation, but also on warts, fungi, insect bites, burns and various redness. Applied together with calendula, it is an excellent aftershave for men. It is useful to add a few drops in the shampoo to combat dandruff but also lice. Excellent solution also for footbaths as it helps to relieve leg fatigue giving a sense of freshness. Among the multiple qualities this oil helps to fight also the cativi odors caused by the sweating: therefore it is possible to add a few drops to apply to the deodorant. Moreover it can be used pure in small quantities in cases of acute infections (acne too obvious or cold sores).

Tea tree for house cleaning

In addition to being used in the curative and cosmetic field, tea tree oil is also a valid aid in cleaning environments. It can be used to combat mold, diluting it with water, and spraying it directly on the affected part and leaving it to act before rinsing. You can also add drops of oil in the water to disinfect the sanitary ware, the floors, the kitchen areas, the stoves, the handles; all places where germs are easily deposited. Drops of essential oil can also be added to the pan in which the dishes are washed or in the dishwasher. Very useful and effective also for washing laundry, adding a few drops in the detergent, to obtain a product with stronger antibacterial action.

Tea tree essential oil: Purchase and preservation of tea tree

Tea tree oil is readily available and is purchased in herbal medicine but can also be found in pharmacy and pharmacy. In the event that you have difficulty recovering you can easily buy from various sites on the web. The essential oil must be contained in a dark glass jar and must be kept in the dark as it is particularly sensitive to light. Fundamental, for the practicality of the use, is to make sure that it has the dropper. When opened it can smell not particularly pleasant but there is still the possibility of mixing it with other oils, such as with that of lavender or lemon. Another element to pay attention to is the purity of the protto: 100% pure and of biological origin or coming from biodynamic agriculture. The average cost of a good essential tea tree oil is around 10 euros.