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Acai juice

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Acai: the berry of strength and courage

Traditionally used by the Brazilian Indians, as an energizer the Acai berry is the fruit of Euterpe oleracea, of the Arecaceae family, a palm tree that lives in the Amazon. The Indians believed that the consumption of this berry could infuse strength and courage. This plant can reach 30 meters in height and has leaves up to 2 meters long. The plant grows in the tropical forests of Central and South America and produces fruits, commonly called drupes, gathered in clusters. The Acai berry, which in the native language is called Iwasa'i, that is "fruit that expels water", has a rounded shape and has a diameter of about 1.5 cm and is of a dark purple color. In addition to being tasty and pleasant in taste, the berry contains substances that work in favor of our body, giving us strength and well-being.

The juice of beauty

From the pressing of the berry, a purple colored pulp is obtained, which undergoes a pasteurization and filtration process. This juice is very concentrated and has a strong taste. Usually it is recommended to take a few ml per day to be taken pure or diluted in water or in another fruit juice, such as guarana. For the treatment of specific problems a precise dosage has not yet been specified so it is appropriate to manage the intake according to one's needs. In recent years, scientific research has begun to investigate the beneficial properties of Acai. According to some scientific studies conducted at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Acai juice is effective in fighting germs and reducing body weight. A further study conducted by the National Institute of Medicine has shown that the pulp obtained from the acai berry is able to reduce the negative effect of a diet rich in fat.

The medicinal properties of Acai Juice

Thanks to the presence of anthocyanins, Acai juice is able to counteract free radicals, responsible for premature aging. Its antioxidant power is three times higher than that of the blueberry, commonly known as an excellent antioxidant. The high presence of fatty acids, such as omega-2, omega-6 and omega-9, promotes the lowering of cholesterol and the protection of blood vessels, guaranteeing protection to the circulatory system and consequently the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. The presence of sterols guarantees an important anti-inflammatory action and the abundant quantity of fibers helps the intestinal regularity and the functionality of the digestive system. Acai juice is also a valuable source of mineral salts and vitamins, such as copper, calcium, potassium, magnesium and zinc, which enhance muscle tissue and help prevent cancer and cancer.

The legend of the Acai

Legend has it that a village on the Parа River had food problems. The population increased but food was not enough for everyone. Then the tribal leader Itaki, decided to forbid the people to have other children, warning him that if someone had transgressed the ban the newborn would have been sacrificed. Fate meant that Itaki's own daughter became pregnant. Aware of the fate to which his child would go, Iaca, the daughter of the tribal chieftain, begged the gods to find food for the people, to no avail. One night he heard a baby cry. He came out of the hut where he lived and following the sound of crying he came under a palm tree, where there was a child. When the woman tried to hug the child, it vanished. The following morning Iaca was found dead near the tree but with a beautiful smile on her face and her eyes turned upwards in the direction of the Acai fruit. The people of the tribe of Itaki then began to gather the fruits of Acai and made a juice that proved nutritious. The arrival of these fruits decreed the cancellation of the prohibition of having children and the survival of the population.


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