LED lamps

LED lamps

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Advantages of LED lamps

LED lamps offer many advantages. A greater resistance over time combined with a better brightness allow to recover in a very short time the higher costs to be faced at the time of purchase. Think of the example of a hotel that, by completely transforming lighting from traditional to LED, achieves an average saving of 15,000 euros per year. The lighting with LED lamps is perfect for highlighting small details in masonry or to illuminate shop windows of pastry shops and bars due to its cold light that does not transmit heat. The possibility of having light available in a large number of colors makes it perfect for any environment and ideal in every situation. In fact, they offer the possibility of lighting in classic colors, or to recreate soft lighting for more relaxing atmospheres.

LED lamps e27

To obtain maximum energy savings, both in homes and in commercial or industrial activities, it is essential to be able to replace all traditional (incandescent) lamps with LED lamps. For this reason it is possible to find lamps and spotlights on the market with any type of attachment. Recessed LED spotlights or LED lamps E27 are available, along with many other types of connections, to allow you to really get a considerable saving. The LED technology, in fact, contrary to what happens in incandescent bulbs, exploits the opportunity offered by some semiconductor materials to produce photons. In order to make the most of this feature, it is essential to be able to install them in any room, regardless of the attacks it is equipped with.

LED lamps for home: to protect the environment

Lighting with LED technology, first present only in some uses such as traffic lights, cell phones, car lights, has gradually been perfected up to our homes. In addition to guaranteeing considerable energy savings which translates into lower costs related to consumption, it helps to contribute to environmental protection. There are many characteristics of LED lamps that positively influence environmental protection. A led lamp does not contain mercury, it emits a clean light without UV rays, it works at very low voltage and therefore in complete safety and with low environmental impact, it does not fear humidity and vibrations. The longer duration in time allows to have a smaller number of lamps to be disposed of. It should also be noted that the LED lamps do not contain neither filaments nor mercury, both dangerous components to be disposed of separately.

LED outdoor lamps

A large garden or even a small green space where you can meet up with friends on cool summer evenings, will be perfectly lit thanks to outdoor LED lamps. Able to offer up to four times more lighting than traditional incandescent bulbs, they allow you to significantly cut your bills. The ball lamps are very popular, positioned above an outdoor base. This is also considered the best solution for lighting driveways and access paths to the house, as well as space for parking spaces. With a reduced consumption, and a consequently very low expense, it will be possible to guarantee a perfect brightness in every outdoor corner, for suggestive gatherings and dinners with friends.