Pruning chainsaws

Pruning chainsaws

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Pruning chainsaws

The pruning chainsaws are special chainsaws, small and compact, specifically designed for pruning and limbing trees and shrubs. Depending on the type of pruning you want to perform, the most suitable bar can be mounted. In addition to the traditional bar there is in fact a type of bar called by Carving, which has a triangular shape and is useful for particular cutting operations. Many machines are designed for hooking a carabiner or a shoulder strap to carry the chainsaw on the tree, especially in tree climbing operations. The displacements may vary but are usually around 30cc. The handle with the gas control located on the upper side of the chainsaw allows one-handed use and in any case a more comfortable grip during pruning. Moreover, this handle allows to reach even the most difficult points.

Chainsaw for pruning as it is used safely

First, start the engine by locking the accelerator and firmly gripping the chainsaw with your left hand, then pulling the engine starter rope with your right hand. An important thing when moving on the shaft is to always insert the chain lock, using the special lever located near the bar, this will prevent the chain from moving and could be dangerous if the chain saw escapes. On the front handle, the donut-shaped one, there is also the switch to turn off the engine. In this position it can be reached more easily with the thumbs to be able to stop the chainsaw if you are in a dangerous situation and, at the moment, can reach the chain lock lever. The upper handle allows the use of the machine with just one hand. However, it is always good to hold it with both hands when possible, in this way you work more safely.

How to choose a chainsaw for pruning

When choosing a pruning saw you have to consider different aspects to make sure you buy the right machine. The first thing to evaluate is the use made of it: for those who prune few trees in the garden of their home, a hobby model may be sufficient, while for a gardener or a professional worker a professional model is more convenient. In any case it is always better to orientate yourself to a machine of a manufacturer known on the market, to be sure of having a guarantee and the right assistance in case of need. If you buy a car with an unknown brand you can run into problems of any kind and risk not finding assistance. Many street vendors buy chainsaws of Chinese production, often of poor quality, then they apply the labels of well-known manufacturers with a specific model and then sell them and convince consumers to buy them, especially pruning chainsaws. In case of doubt, it is advisable to mark the brand and model shown on the label and consult the manufacturer's catalog by comparing the image of the machine with the chainsaw taken into consideration.

Pruning chainsaw prices

A good hobby pruning saw has a minimum price of 200 euros, up to a maximum of 300 euros or a little more. The professional models, especially the machines considered top of the range, have prices ranging from 400 up to over 1000 euros. According to the quality / price ratio, the cost of the machine varies according to the displacement, power and materials with which it is built. Online sales sites usually have lower prices than a physical retailer, often you can find good offers that allow the purchase of the machine and in addition there may be a chance to get some spare parts or accessories for the chainsaw at a price good and sometimes you can find chainsaws of guaranteed quality. Among the free accessories you can find oil for the mixture or a spare bar or chain.


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