Amazone fertilizer spreader

Amazone fertilizer spreader

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The features of the amazone fertilizer spreader

The activities that take place to spread the fertilizer in their fields are not only strenuous, but they are very important because they influence the amount of work to be done and the way in which the fertilizer is spread. The spreadability of the fertilizer depends on the physical properties of the fertilizer (density, grain size, etc.) also in the same genus and brand. The different properties of the fertilizer can be influenced by the climatic and conservation conditions of the product. Therefore, although the agricultural amazone machine is among the best on the market, easy to use and very practical and fast in its use, it cannot guarantee that the fertilizer, it will have excellent diffusion characteristics, because the recommendations indicated for the transversal distribution of the fertilizer must be respected, which refer exclusively to the distribution of weight and not to the distribution of nutrients. Therefore differences in the consistency of the fertilizer cannot be attributed to the fertilizer spreader itself. There are many amazone models, of different power and with different characteristics that can also be purchased online directly from the site.

Model ZA-M Perfect Centrifuge

The ZA-M model is an agricultural machine with a perfect centrifuge. The disc that spreads the fertilizer makes it suitable for medium-sized farms and for livestock farms. The ZA-M model allows a comfortable adjustment and an accurate diffusion of all types of fertilizers on the market with area from 10 to 36 square meters. The basket has a capacity of 1000-3000 liters, has steep walls, and a low height for filling. It is easy to mount on the tractor and has a pair of "Omnia-Set" spreading discs with easily adjustable spreading vanes for normal spreading, late fertilization and border spreading. No other tools are required. It has a protection tube for greater safety. The speed of the discs is easily adjustable and also provides a delicate fertilizer treatment. It has an individual hydraulic remote control for the right and left area with a 2-way valve. It has rotating blades for late fertilization. It also has a double hopper for visual inspection of the measurement openings. It has an excellent quality / price ratio.

Model ZA-TS centrifugal distributor

The ZA-TS model is suitable for large areas, ie for working widths from 18 to 54 m. It is equipped with a precision spreading unit with an AutoTS edge and an integrated diffusion device. This edge provides a precise trajectory with a consequent optimal growth condition up to the edge of the field. The Super model has a payload of 3200 kg and can be equipped with the TS1 or TS2 diffusion set for a working width up to 36 m .The ultra frame model has a payload of more than 4500 kg. In addition to the spreading palette set TS1 and TS2, the Ultra frame can be equipped with the diffusion TS 3 set for working widths up to 54 m. It is a simple tool: the weighing system provides control and safety allowing a determination of the properties of the propagation material with a high measurement accuracy. Automatically compare the rate applied with the pre-determined rate. For a nutritious and balanced contribution, the application rate can be changed through the ISOBUS terminal with the touch of a button.

Amazone fertilizer spreader: The spreader for borders

The fertilizer spreader for the edges allows fertilizers to be applied economically and environmentally safe. It plays an important role in current agriculture, both for the need for optimal distribution of the fertilizer up to the border, but also for the environmental factors increasingly taken into consideration. Amazone offers a wide range of border techniques for spreading fertilizer in every situation and in a comfortable way for the operator and, above all, offers technical solutions for setting the fertilizer spreader based on fertilizer application recommendations. When the first Cultivation line is located at the border of the field, the diffusion occurs from the side, hydraulically, from the driving seat. Only little fertilizer is left over the edge and the spread inside is optimal. If the adjacent area is of agricultural use, a small amount of fertilizer that crosses the field border is tolerated. A uniform distribution of the fertilizer is maintained up to the border of the field. If no fertilizer can be spread beyond the boundary of the field (roads, waterways, etc.), the rate of diffusion on the border must be reduced.


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