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Features of garden blowers

Whether they are dry leaves or other organic waste material, the garden vacuum cleaner is the only and easy way to quickly collect any waste. The blower also allows you to take the leaves located in a difficult-to-reach corner, with almost no effort and high power, in order to keep a well-kept and perfect garden. This tool has three functions in one: the foliage aspirator manages to free the garden from the leaves, therefore it reduces the leaves to about a tenth of the volume and favors composting. This tool allows you to gather and collect fallen leaves. In the garden you can clean up without any effort. With an extractor fan and blower you can easily remove the leaves both from the paths and from the terraces, and of course on the other surfaces of your garden. The only simple problem is to prevent the leaves from escaping. Summing up with tools such as blowers you can: - blow or suck dry and small leaves - blow or suck large, moist leaves or pine needles - blow or suck dry or wet leaves: - clean large areas.

The Bosch Asl 25 blower

The main features of this product are first of all safety without any effort: the handles are ergonomic in order to better balance their weight and greater comfort. It also has a longer working life and a 10: 1 shredding ratio, that is, well-compacted leaves to make better composting. It has a handy collection bag: it is easy to put on, easy to empty and made of waterproof fabric. The other advantages of the bosch asl 25 blower are the engine power of 2,500 watts and a fan capacity of 800 mі / h. Furthermore it is light (3.2 kg the blower and 4.4 kg the aspirator). It has a second handle and a zipper for easy emptying. The shoulder strap is padded. The air speed is adjustable to be able to sweep or easily remove even the wet leaves or attached to the ground. Finally, chop all the aspirated leaves well.

Gardenia garden blowers

There are two main gardenia blowers: the ErgoJet 2500 and the AccuJet 18-Li. The first model is a powerful blower and aspirator, very easy to handle thanks to an optimal weight distribution. The transition from one function to another is extremely easy, no need to use other tools. It also has the function of chopping leaves with a high ratio for shredding. It has a large collection bag, easy to empty. The handle has plastic inserts for comfortable use. It has the nozzle with the scraper to be able to remove even the leaves that are wet.The AccuJet 18-Li model is a practical and light blower with an ergonomic handle. It is very convenient to store at the end of the work. The handle with soft plastic inserts allows a rather comfortable use. It has the rechargeable battery and charger included in the package. The battery is a Lithium Ion BLi-18 which is replaceable and can also be used with other products.

Blower: The Black & Decker GW3000 blower

The garden blower of the Black & Decker model GW3000 has a 3000W motor to provide its users with great efficiency and suction capacity, even in large quantities. The blower and vacuum cleaner is also equipped with a large and light bag that is easy to empty. The tool also has two speeds for maximum suction control. It is a very convenient tool to use in any type of garden and reduces the volume of aspirated leaves from 10 to 1. It allows you to suck up even the damp leaves and has a great power of suction of the leaves. It is a garden tool that has a great durability, even over 15 years, as it is built with resistant and durable materials. He manages to clean the leaves and cut grass well on the paths and does not create any problems.


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