Paper flowers how to make them

Paper flowers how to make them

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Paper flowers how to make them

Paper flowers! It is a very simple idea and accessible to everyone, even children can try their hand at making them and creating flowers to decorate the house or add them to gift packages. It involves using different types of paper, the most common being crepe paper or tissue paper, which properly colored, cut and shaped will give life to flowers that look lively and really realistic.
The materials you need vary from the type of flower you want to make, starting from some simple strip of crepe paper, even of a single color, and wire, for the easiest; and you get to sponges, glue, stencils and papers of different colors and materials for the most complicated. In any case, don't be afraid because in a few minutes you will be able to fill the house with delicious colorful and imaginative flowers.
At the beginning it is advisable to start with simple flowers such as roses, poppies and carnations, perhaps to be created together with your children for a different kind of fun and to help them with the use of wire. But with practice and imagination you will be able to create beautiful Christmas stars, origami with cardboard, newspaper, more and more realistic models; or add buttons, pistils, glitter, beads or small jewels to indulge your imagination and creativity.


Roses, as we have said, are among the simplest flowers. You need: crepe paper of the color you want your rose to have, wire, scissors, green crepe paper and glue. Start by cutting strips of the paper you have chosen for the petals, make sure that they are strips of a width of at least ten centimeters and length at your peak, fold them in two so that the width of half, roll them up without tightening too much , especially towards the end, fix one of the two bases (preferably not the one with the fold) with a couple of turns of wire, very firmly. Do not cut the wire, but fold it so that the rest forms the stem of the rose, therefore with any length, about twenty centimeters; at this point, cover it with green crepe paper. Now always on the green paper draw and cut out two-by-two pink leaves, glue them together by inserting some wire into the middle and roll the latter around the stem. To finish it all, spread the paper that composes the rose petals in the upper part with your fingers, being careful not to break it, so as to create the particular wavy effect of the rose petals.

Simple flowers

For the simplest flowers, such as carnations for example, follow the procedure used to make roses: then cut strips of crepe paper, fold them, roll them and fix them with wire, making a part of it move forward for the stem. In this case, however, the simplest way to make petals is to cut the paper vertically to make the petals, choose the distance between one cut and another to create more or less subtle petals. Once cut, spread the petals to create more volume. And here are some beautiful colorful flowers!

Poppies and flowers with well-defined petals

For this type of flowers, which may include poppies, daisies, etc., the process is slightly different in that the pistil is clearly visible and the petals are well defined and in smaller quantities. Then proceed to choose the paper that you consider to be the most suitable for your flower (for example, for the poppy the tissue paper is more suitable, for the daisies the normal paper or crepe paper). Also in this case, make strips of about ten centimeters that you will fold in half, reducing the width to about 5 centimeters. Now with the fold facing you, draw so many petals, the fold will be the base of your petals, make sure that you it remains just a few centimeters of base. Cut out all the petals, open them in two and place them one inside the other, making them more or less the same. Put the wire at the base of all your petals by making a small hole and close it, thus forming a small loop that contains all your petals, arrange them at your leisure and place a small ball of colored paper in the center to create the pistil.
In the case of the poppy add in the center of the petals of the tiny strips of black paper that you will close together with the petals with a wire.

Paper flowers how to make them: Decorations

Once you have made your first flowers you can easily improve your achievements with decorations that will make them more realistic or refined. Then use watercolors to create veins on your petals or leaves, being very careful not to wet the brush too much because you could risk breaking the most delicate paper. Otherwise, to embellish and personalize your creations even more, you could use small jewels or beads for the pistils, try on different types of paper or embellish the various petals with small rhinestones and glitter.


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