Fake floral arrangements

Fake floral arrangements

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How to make a composition of fake flowers

The artificial floral compositions give the possibility to give light in any type of domestic environment. In order to obtain a truly optimal result, it is necessary to proceed with due diligence. First, you must choose a suitable container or vessel. It can be simple, but also original and innovative, for example made with glass, clay or recycled materials. The important thing is to opt for containers that are appropriate in shape and size both to the composition you intend to design and to the style of the furniture. Subsequently, a sort of grid will be created on the bottom of the vase, with double-sided tape. The flowers must be chosen in different varieties for a more dramatic visual effect, making sure that they complement each other. The composition begins by placing the biggest and most important flowers in the center, and completing the focal point with leaves and blades of grass, while leaving the necessary space to give an idea of ​​movement and a natural curvature of the stems, which will make the composition certainly more pleasant. Once the center has been completed, the rest of the flowers will be placed around it, inserting each element into the remaining grids. If desired, the color of the flowers can be made brighter by spraying them with glitter spray. Finally, hairspray will be sprayed all over its surface, keeping the can at a distance of twenty centimeters. This operation will make the flowers stiffen and maintain their consistency and beauty over time.

Two-tone composition of silk flowers

This composition is ideal not only for purely decorative purposes, but also for important ceremonies. It is made with silk flowers in the dual color of red, a symbol of love and passion, and of white, an emblem of grace and purity. The base is constituted by a basket with low edges, which will be covered in the bottom with fabric or red velvet. To fix it, a hot glue gun will be used. A beautiful satin ribbon of contrasting white color should be tied around the basket, to be embellished with a soft closing bow. At this point, seven red roses will be placed in the center of the container, arranged in the shape of a circle. Around them, simple white daisies will be positioned, in such a number as to perfectly close the perimeter of the central base of roses. Finally, in the outer part, the composition will be completed with the insertion of small leaves, also arranged in a circle. It will fit well in modern bedrooms, in design living rooms and to decorate verandas and gardens, both indoors and outdoors.

A summer composition in a glass vase

This simple floral composition is very refined and adapts to any room. To make it, you have to take a tall glass vase and place on its bottom a piece of suitable size of floral foam, which must fill at least two thirds of the vase. It serves to fix the flower stems in place. At this point, a group consisting of three ears of wheat will be inserted in the center of the container, so that they can be viewed well from any angle. Around them, there will be six or seven poppies and any number of wild flowers, taking care to maintain a correct symmetry between them. In the part adjacent to the edges of the vase, the leaves and stems of grass will instead be placed, to give an illusion of full bloom. An additional idea is to spray some fragrant essential oil over the composition, for a pleasant aromatic effect. It will be perfect for a low table for the living room, for a centerpiece, or even for embellishing and perfuming a bathroom furniture, better if made of wood, to highlight the chromatic contrast of the transparency of the glass.

Fake floral arrangements: A composition of silk flowers

Silk flowers are quite expensive, but ensure a truly amazing visual impact, due to their naturalness and strong colors. Floral decorations of this type are able to characterize every room and add a touch of style. When choosing flower varieties, one must have in mind the effect one wishes to create. The composition must have one or more focal flowers, around which the extra ones will rotate. The vase that is needed is made of crystal, possibly with an original shape. You start by filling the bottom with small glass marbles, until you reach a height that provides sufficient support for the silk flowers. Proceed by inserting three silk streets in the center and then adding eight lilac and six blue wisterias next to the central group, on both sides. Other filling flowers must be inserted, such as lilies of the valley and non-discarded plants, in order to soften the lines and cover the empty spaces. The silk floral arrangement will be completed with elegant and refined decorations such as romantic ribbons, delicate bows and organza butterflies. It is good to remember that silk flowers should not be treated with any product, including glitter and hardener sprays. The vase will be very well positioned above an antique chest of drawers in the bedroom, or on Provençal beliefs, to recreate an atmosphere of other times.


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