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A brief history of the Stelvio Park

The Parco dello Stelvio was founded in 1935 and is one of the most famous and important Italian parks. It extends over a vast Alpine area that spans four provinces of two different regions: Lombardy and Trentino-Alto Adige. In fact the Stelvio includes 24 municipalities that are part of the provinces of Sondrio, Brescia, Bolzano and Trento. It is perfectly set between the Adamello Park, the Swiss National Park and the Adamello-Brenta Park. Since 2009 the Stelvio Park is controlled by a consortium created by the autonomous provinces of Trento and Bolzano and by the Lombardy Region. Today it is one of the main tourist attractions of our country thanks to a flora and a fauna immersed in the most uncontaminated nature. The Stelvio area is therefore rich in huts, shelters and small municipalities that are located in three major sectors: Lombardy, Trentino and Alto Adige.

Lombard Sector of the Stelvio Park

Before taking a holiday in the Stelvio Park it is good to remember that it extends through three major regional macro-areas. We can therefore start from the Lombard sector, the largest in the Stelvio area and between the provinces of Sondrio and Brescia. Here it is possible to admire some of the most beautiful alpine valleys, each of which is characterized by incredible geological and landscape elements. The Valle dei Forni, the Valle del Gavia, the Valfurva, the Val Zebrщ, the Val Trela ​​and the Val Bruna are worth a visit. All these valleys are rich in a unique and varied flora. Some of the rarest species to find are the Val Daone primula, Wulfen's evergreen, Saxifraga and Germanic miricara. The fauna of the Lombard Stelvio is also thriving and includes deer, chamois, ibex, foxes, hares and eagles.

Trentino sector of the Stelvio Park

The Trentino sector of the Stelvio Park is no less than the Lombard one. The most beautiful valleys in this area of ​​the park are undoubtedly the Valle di Rabbi and the Valle di Peio. These provide tourists with information points and reception centers to make the most of all the attractions. The territory is renowned for its endless meadows, glaciers, rocks and woods that cover more than 70% of the Stelvio area of ​​Trentino. The flora is mainly composed of conifers such as European stone pine, spruce and larch. As shrubs we find instead the rhododendron, the juniper, the green alder, the arnica, the mugo pine and the spontaneous orchids. As far as the fauna is concerned, we can in fact observe typical animals of the Alpine arc such as roe deer, deer, weasels, stone martens, marmots, golden eagles, woodpeckers and trout.

Parco Stelvio: South Tyrolean sector of the Stelvio Park

To complete the 'tour' of the Stelvio Park, a brief visit to the South Tyrolean sector cannot be missed. This area contains 11 small villages in the Sdtirol which are between the Val d'Ultimo and the famous Val Venosta. Beyond these two valleys it is advisable to visit also the Valle di Trafoi, the Val di Lasa and the Val Martello. They are all valleys that allow unforgettable excursions at an altitude of 3000 meters going up towards the Cevedale. The altimetric excursion in fact outlines a diversified flora composed of traditional conifers and precious flowers such as arnica, ranunculus, lichen and the famous edelweiss. Finally, the fauna that inhabits this area of ​​the Stelvio is composed mainly of ruminants, foxes, badgers, squirrels, owls, pheasants, grouse, blackbirds and colorful butterflies.


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