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Bridal bouquet

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A bouquet for every bride

It is undeniable that every bride owes much of her charm and the beauty of her image to the bouquet that she holds in her hands on her wedding day, regardless of whether the ceremony takes place according to the civil or religious ceremony.
It is obvious, of course, that the bride devotes time to the decision and to the final choice on how this non-negligible accessory will be, whether traditional, but only now in substance and not in form, given the enormous variety of models and examples available.
For this task there are women who trust and rely on experts in the field, women who simply choose from photos on catalogs or more simply on photos of VIP brides.
Fortunately, there are women who love to offer their own flowers, colors and anything else for the creation of an absolutely unique bouquet, satisfied by seeing something exclusively original emerge from their convinced idea. Taking on this commitment, undoubtedly pleasant, requires the possession of a good dose of creativity and inventiveness.
There is something to be taken into account: even with equal "artistic" capabilities, not all brides, alas also in this field, have the same opportunities, and not only economically.
Think of a woman who decides to get married in the winter and does not live in a big city, where it is easier to find and find highly or only moderately provided and specialized nurserymen or florists. You may find it difficult to choose the right flowers for your bouquet on the spot and this season.
The absence of structures and the bad climatic conditions, such as the cold, harmful to flowers, and the snow, hampering the circulation of vehicles, affect the availability of floral specimens as well as the sudden transport on the road. But can all this be a limitation, an impediment to achieving a legitimate, small, but important desire for a "village bride"? Absolutely unthinkable.

The bouquet

Here we want to propose, focusing on originality and thanks to the rigor and ductility of the elements, a solution that can be valid for different types of brides, that includes DIY, the easy availability of the material needed, a limited budget, recycling .
The result, of extreme simplicity, will be a bouquet characterized by personal inventiveness and therefore unique.

The required

Essential and decisive elements are flowers. It must be said that we must first of all play with the variegation of the corolla of the flowers to create the nuances of color that best suit the dress and make-up chosen by the bride.
The ethereal, evocative phalaenopsis orchids and the very light yet extremely decorative branches of maidenhair are perfect for our project. But, and here is the first novelty, from the florist we will not buy the flowers already cut, rather a couple of beautiful vases that contain specimens of orchid with the flowers strictly in the process of blossoming and another with a maid plant in full and luxuriant vegetation .
They are two kinds of plants that can be adapted very well to the domestic environment even in this season and which, with a minimum of green thumb, can give great satisfaction from their cultivation. Maybe they will go first to embellish the house of the spouses, better if placed in the same corner, bright and sheltered from drafts, in which a photo of the couple is exposed with the bouquet in the foreground.
Then there will be tapes in two sizes of satin, wanted and possible in silk, but it is not an essential condition, in a shade of color suitable for the dress, a few threads of small transparent crystals and / or, if you want to challenge the tradition that provides no pearls for the bride, a few strands of tiny synthetic pearls. These materials are available in any modern haberdashery at low cost. And again, if you like, a lace border with a string, perhaps stolen from the grandmother's outfit. To finish a little light wire.

Bridal bouquet: The realization

Nothing could be simpler or quicker. It takes less than a couple of hours to see the bouquet made. You can do it the day before the wedding, giving yourself even a little time of absolute relaxation that will surely also benefit the appearance of the bride's face.
First and foremost, with a pair of garden shears, choose and cut with a firm cut, the orchid branches are richer in flowers and longer. The same thing will be done with maidenhair branches.
Relying on one's own sensitivity and artistry, it is therefore necessary to create a deck that sees the two different types of branches arranged in a harmonious order, but respecting their taste. Orchids could be made to emerge from a sort of maidenhair crown, whose branches also penetrate the flowers.
It is time now to add the strands of crystals and beads randomly between the branches, but such as to impart luminosity to the whole,
With the wire it binds everything without absolutely tightening to avoid damaging the branches.
If you chose to use the lace border, after passing the narrower satin ribbon through the ribbon, it will be tied around the bouquet, right on top of the branches.
Finally, with the wider ribbon, the exposed part of the leafless branches will be covered by simply turning around.
The most romantic bride can add a very simple bow, made with the same wider ribbon, just below the lace, if any, or at the top of the bouquet.


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