Villa Trissino Marzotto

Villa Trissino Marzotto

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Villa Trissino Marzotto: the park

Having established that the charm of such an ancient structure is innate, let us consider an important element of the architectural configuration of Villa Trissino Marzotto: the park of the upper villa. A splendid green space cured according to the rules of the Italian gardens, alternates with the stone avenues that wind for its extension. On the official site of the complex it is possible to find a botanical map illustrating the dozens of species present, and a gallery summarizing the magnificence of the works (hundreds of statues, mostly mythological subjects) that enrich it, made by the workshop of the Marinali brothers. Among hanging gardens and terraces, the visitor can enjoy the panorama of Vicenza, which from this eighteenth-century perspective is considered one of the most beautiful in Italy.

Villa Trissino Marzotto: the villas

The marvelous park frames the architectural structure in the strict sense. There are two main building complexes: the first is composed of the Upper Villa, on the extremity of the hill, built on three levels; the second is the Lower Villa, now suggestively covered with climbing ivy. The Upper Villa is divided into rooms, with the Sala della Cavallerizza which provides one of the most beautiful observation points in the Valle dell'Agno. The great restructuring at the beginning of the eighteenth century brought the building to the shape that it still preserves today and in every room there are tapestries and frescos of notable importance, not to mention the baroque structures and stuccos: a great work to bring to the old glories a medieval stronghold with great potential.

Villa Trissino Marzotto: services

There are many offers of the Villa Trissino Marzotto structure. In addition to the artistic value of the conglomerate, let's not forget that the spaces host events and exhibitions. In fact, among the halls of the building it is possible to organize receptions, with a catering service available and exhibitions. Thanks to the work of the organizers, these environments have hosted numerous cultural and gastronomic activities, with a sober and elegant style in line with the general appearance of the place. Outside it is also possible to arrange, according to the rules of the ancient amphitheaters, concerts of classical and experimental music. The space is also available for conferences and meetings: events framed by the tapestry collection made especially by the Belgian school of Willem de Pannemaker.

Villa Trissino Marzotto: how to get there

Trissino is a town in the Vicenza area that has less than ten thousand inhabitants. Reaching it is not complicated: just 60 km from Verona airport and 90 from Venice airport, the center is also well connected by land. The Vicenza railway station is less than 20 km away and the suburban public transport is quite efficient; by car the town is also easily reachable by exiting the A14 motorway at Montecchio Maggiore and following the indications, or with the state road SS 246 up to the height of 10 km. The complex can be visited from March to October (except August) with times ranging from 10 to 17, from Monday to Friday. On Saturdays it is possible to enter from 10am to 12pm. The ticket prices vary from 5 to 15 euros per person with elderly reductions and children and offers to schools and groups.