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Wedding decorations

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How and why to decorate

In every celebratory place of a wedding, taste and creativity are combined and the event is accompanied by flowers, furnishings and carpets with which scenographic contexts are created that proclaim both the happiness of the spouses who celebrate the most intimate meeting, and the enthusiasm of the community that celebrates their joy.
The floral decoration is the symbol par excellence of the decorations precisely because the flower is a tribute to love. The bride in particular has every right to design her magical moment in full autonomy, so that even the ornaments become an expression of the couple's desire. In the midst of so many proposals and conflicting opinions, someone prefers to get rid of embarrassment and rely on real wedding plan agencies. It is easy to understand how in such a case the budget shows conspicuously, for this fortunately it is possible to count directly on the precious advice of expert hands that are dedicated to crafting decorations, to floral decorations, to the packaging of splendid favors: in short, however, capable of making bloom the dream we are cultivating.
The floral creations can be made with art and passion for religious or civil marriages, but still they must realize details agreed with the spouses. The skill of any floral professional will never blur the style of a couple; instead it will unleash the personality to express through his creations in order to characterize the ceremony and the reception, in the most magnificent way, with the vision of the spouses: modern or traditional, romantic or stylized, inspired or classic.
The main purpose of the decorations is to honor the solemnity of the event. Wherever it is celebrated, sacred place or town hall, historical place or en-plein-aire decorations can shape the environment.

Floral decorations in the church

The fundamental elements on which the wedding decoration is developed are the bouquet, the church and the wedding banquet. Decorating the church is not easy, because the choice is always the result of a compromise between personal tastes and planned budget. To contain the costs of the decorations in the church, it is preferable to choose seasonal flowers and list, based on the size of the place, the priority of the points to be decorated. If there were other marriages on the same day it would be optimal to divide the costs of the florist with the other couples, at least as regards the main compositions to be reused. It is advisable to concentrate the best compositions in the areas subject to shooting or photographs, that is, at the doors of the church, on the altar and where the register for the signatures is placed. Other rental plants can be scattered here and there to make the scenic effect of the environment homogeneous. If the budget allows it, the benches can also be enriched with a small composition placed outside each one. A skilled florist is then able to create full, rich or slender compositions even using a few flowers and lots of ornament with foliage.

Decorations for civil marriage

Civil marriage has nothing to envy to religious marriage and the majesty of the event inspires the desire to harmonize the sometimes austere environment with the festive dwelling that is in the heart of the spouses. This is the genesis of taste that opens up the board rooms in style and romance to dress them as sumptuous hosts. With some advice it is possible to soften the severity of rooms commonly used for formal or solemn uses and therefore much less romantic than we would like. An excellent choice falls on the chromatic coordination of the floral compositions that will have to match the tone of the room, both in terms of color and style. A particularly modern room that shows the typical characteristics of architectural innovation with iron architraves, glass block walls or exposed face concretes, it is difficult to "marry" with the round taste of roses and satin ribbons. It is therefore preferable to view the room that will host the wedding celebration in order to guide our choices. For a traditional room or rich in baroque preciousness, with statues, heavy paintings, honorary symbols, wooden decorations, Doric columns and gilded regal friezes, the compositions of white calla lilies, slender homage to honor, or blood-red roses are suggested. the pact of love takes up the energetic power of the decorations in the room. Unlike in a contemporary, luminous room with stained glass windows, whitewashed but not frescoed walls, with metallic tones, with minimal style furnishings, floral arrangements enhanced by supporting structures are preferred, such as glass vases, metal tripods on which to run fronds of green threads, supports with rigid and schematic geometries that we could underline with exotic flowers and artistic decorations in wax. The places to accentuate with the decorations are the points of interest of the ceremony, subject to looks and photos by the guests. Therefore, it is appropriate to decorate the municipal table, around which the mayor and the spouses are called, possibly the sides of the table where spouses and witnesses are preparing to place the signatures, the small bench where the spouses or the chairs dedicated to them are seated and clearly the front door to the hall. Even better if the handrail of the staircase was also accompanied by floral decorations up to the carpet that leads to the place of the celebration. Of course many of the choices then depend on the costs, certainly even the entrance hall is a significant point of acceptance. A consideration then on the ideal location. The brevity of the civil ceremony is difficult to reconcile with all our efforts in the artistic preparation of the place; so if we opt for important and really celebratory decorations, because we don't want to give up the atmosphere, it would be better to prefer the municipality that has a place dedicated to civil marriages, just to enjoy it a little more.

Wedding decorations: Eco wedding - the alternative choice

Then there is a new trend coming from the United States and it is the Eco wedding. In this formula respect for the environment takes on a preponderant role and an act of responsibility towards mother earth is sealed with marriage. The decorations in this case are characterized by scrupulous eco-friendly attentions starting from the responsible choice of the location that will not spoil nature, but will enhance it because it is a co-protagonist. It is not so unusual to see an orchard become a theater of marriage. Each branch or frond or bush can become decorations, embellished in this case by soft colored ribbons that flaunt in the wind.


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